aka Votex-Abrams

  • I live in Some place in asia

Hai, im VohanteXDA50, or Votex-Abrams.

I personally enjoy what the mod offers, and also i personally like getting myself stuck in alomst inescapeable situations in-game. I was hesistant to work on the wiki's page when i found it, but when MrBlackGoo was asking for help to work on the wiki, I quickly step forward to help work on the wiki.

Personally, the way i make pages is with information that is both informative and interesting.

My favorite pagesEdit

  • 1: Tentacles, definately my favourite part of the mod. Mostly due to how stuck you can possibly get. Capable of even halting a creative mode player's escape, they deserve my number 1 page spot. I'd still wish they can drag you in if your standing too close to the edge.
  • 2: Swallowing Flesh, basically for the same reasons.
  • 3: Even though this page doesn't exist yet, Tar would be my 3rd favourite page. Still wish it was sticky enough to stop a creative mode player from flying away.
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